Industry Scope Activities

Pannon Engineering Ltd. meets the challenge of 21 st. century, carried out high-quality and high added value technical designing on the following industrial field.

  • hydrocarbon industry
  • chemical industry
  • revive energy industry
  • environmental protection

Developed in conjunction with

Main area of designing function:

  • Gas and oil industry technology modeling and calculation
  • Plant design
  • Engineering technology
  • Pressurized vessel and tank design
  • Pressurized vessel expert activity
  • Pipeline track facilities design
  • High and civil engineering
  • Electric power supply
  • Process instrumentation
  • Process control
  • Communications design
  • Building engineering
  • Geodesy
  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Environmental protection impact and effect assessment

We make the plans construction and authorization level on above mentioned professional field and carry out on authority permission.